The New Brotherhood 2.0


"After Making A Deep Inner Journey From Head To Heart in 2016 I Am Now Uniting Men Worldwide In
  The New Brotherhood Where We Work On Silencing Our Inner Critic, 
Expressing Who We Truly Are & Making Deep Heart To Heart Connections! 
Learn How You Can Become One Of 25 Foundational Brothers Of
The New Brotherhood!

Does This Message Inspire You?

Who We Are

The New Brotherhood
We are non-religious, global movement that unites a new breed of men into a brotherhood!
All men, brothers, husbands, fathers, young & wise!

We are men who are sick and tired of pretending to be somebody who they're not!

Men who are ready to express who they truly are and live an authentic lives!

We are men who are done with playing small and not living up to their true potential!

Men who have a burning desire to activate and expand their full potential!

We are men who won't accept living a mediocre & meaningless life anymore!

Men who want to be the change they want to see in the world and live a purposeful life!

Men who want to be the best brother, husband, father and man they can be!

What We Do

The Massive Transformative Purpose of The New Brotherhood
is to create a more connected, peaceful, authentic & heart-centered world!  We do this by uniting men, fathers and husbands in a new brotherhood and supporting them in re-connecting them with the heart of what truly matters so they can start being the postive change they want to see in the world!

What We Believe

We believe... that when we men, learn to dis-identify ourselves from our ego and make the journey from Head to Heart that we can make this world a less greedy, harsh and corrupt place.

We believe, that when we men, embrace our true self & show the world who we truly are, that we can have a profound and positive impact on society today!

We believe that real men are men who dare to show their true emotions as this a sign of courage, authenticity and strength and NOT weakness!

What We Value

  • BE You, all of it, all the time!

  • Find the joy in everything!

  • Grow as if you will live forever!

  • Connect to the heart of what truly matters!

  • Make a difference everyday!






Are You Ready To Join A New Brotherhood?

What We See

We see men like us, uniting in a new global brotherhood, supporting each other in being more mind ful and in service to others, creating a more peaceful , authentic and a heart-centered place for everybody!

We see men like us, encouraging each other to connect to their true selves & supporting each other in activating themselves fully, making the world a more authentic, powerful and worthy place!

We see men like us, building the foundation of a new & evolved manhood, a manhood that feels safe to open up and share their emotions and challenges with their peers & loved ones!

What We Offer

Group Coaching

You will be able to connect with me and send personal messages so you will never have to worry about having to do this on your own!

Private Community

This is a "Brothers Only" community where you will be able to safely connect, communicate and build relationships with other brothers!

Monthly Q&A Expert Calls

Every month you will get access to different experts and you can get the answers you need 
in order for you to proceed on your journey!

Training & Resource Volt

This Volt will be continiously be updated with videos, resources, documents, templates, and guides to help you succeed.

Monthly Live Calls

These online meetings will be a sacred space where you can share your most inner feelings, frustrations and fears!

Support Groups

In the brotherhood you will be able to form your own personal support groups around specific fears and challenges your struggle with!

What Will You Experience?

The New Brotherhood will meet your 6 human needs:

  • Certainty:  as we as brothers will create a safe, secure & supported space!
  • Uncertainty:  as we will challenging each other to leave our comfort zone!
  • Significance:  as we will celebrate and remmeber you that you are good enough!
  • Connection:  as you will build deep connections with brothers all over the world!
  • Growth: as you will be educated how to activate & expand your potential!
  • Contribution:  as you will get the opportunity to give back to other brothers!

What Will We Work On?

The 6 Most Profound & Powerful Connections Known To Mankind

1) The Present Moment Connection

2) The Body Connection

3) The Mind Connection

4) The Heart Connection

5) The Human Connection

6) The Purpose Connection

"Why Face Your Challenges Alone, If You Can Find Support In A Brotherhood?"

Working with Glenn has changed my life! I was struggling with vulnerability and openness to others in my personal life with my wife and professional life with my colleagues and customers. Connecting on the soul level was always something I avoided because of fear of getting hurt and feel pain. Glenn has helped me to become the best version of myself through his powerful coaching! He will connect with you on a deep level, resolve your biggest pain and fears and help you to liberate yourself so you can live a free, authentic and meaningful life! I would recommend anyone who wants to increase the quality of his life to work with Glenn!

Raf Adams Executive Coach & Author The Suited Monk

Are You One Of The 25 Foundational Brothers?

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