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Are You Ready For Creating A Healthy Body, Mind & Lifestyle in 2018?


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About the founder

Glenn has been in the Health & Fitness industry for over 21 years & has coached men from all over the world, spread over 5 continents.  For over 15 years he has been on the path of personal activation and development.  He has invested 1000's of euro's into himself and  he is now putting all his knowledge and experience into The New Brotherhood, helping other men create healthy bodies, minds and lifestyles.

What Is The New Brotherhood?

Private Community For Men

This is a like having our on online social platform that allows you to make real connections with other brothers from all over the globe in meaningful way!  You will have a clear view on the interesting conversations you are having so you don't get out of touch!

Glenn has helped me to become the best version of myself through his powerful coaching! He will connect with you on a deep level, help you resolve your biggest frustration and help you to activate yourself so you can create a healthy body, mind and life! 

~ Raf Adams ~  Executive Coach & Author The Suited Monk

Ever Growing Training and Resource Volt

This part of The New Brotherhood is the online edutainment platform that allows you to easily consume powerful content about health, mindset and nutrition.  You can access it 24/7 and 365 days a year so you can learn and grow on your own pass!

Group Coaching With Private Access

I will coach you as a group but you will have the ability to send me personal messages so you don't have to worry about how to handle your challenges on your own.  I am here for you and the other men are here for you too!  

Together we got this! 

Not satisfied? Money back

If for any reason you feel that I can't deliver on my promise and you are not fully satisfied with your investment, I will give you your money back guaranteed!
Pinky promise :)