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Ready To Re-Connect To The CORE Of What Truly Matters?

Not sure?  Just ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would I like to be more present in my everyday life experience?
  • Do I want to be healthier and stop being so tired and exhausted ?
  • Would I benefit from silencing my inner critic and being more positive?
  • Do I want to experience more freedom to express myself and just be me?
  • Would I love to experience more deep connections in my close relationships?
  • Do I want to live a life that is filled with excitement, purpose and meaning?

Discover what others have experienced...

Working with Glenn has changed my life!

He will connect with you on a deep level, resolve your biggest pain and fears and help you to liberate yourself so you can live a free, authentic and meaningful life!
I would recommend anyone who wants to increase the quality of his life to work with Glenn!

Raf Adams Executive Coach & Author of The Suited Monk

Glenn truly changed my life for the better ...

I can't thank him enough. He helped me to solve my problems, change my mindset and make me into a better loving and FEELING person. I have learnt to express and feel a lot more love in my life, which is really what life is all about. You got to work with Glenn!

Aiden Taylor  Loving father & Entrepreneur

Who Am I To Help You?

Well, I am a dedicated husband and father who has a strong calling to making this world a better place by being the change he wants to see!

Sixteen years ago I embarked on a long & deep inner journey where I have had the priviledge to be exposed, influenced and inspired by countless powerful teachers and coaches that has ultimately led to the ability to: "Connect to the CORE of what TRULY matters!"  Along the way I have helped 100's of people around the world to BE more healthy, energetic, mindfull, positive, connected, playful, open, loving and purposeful!

Now I want to "pay it forward" by giving you 2 hours of my time, attention and knowledge to help you tackle your most heartfelt challenges.  During our connection session you will be the most important person to me and I will listen to you like no has ever done before.

 Ready to connect?

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