Ready to Connect to The Heart of What Truly Matters?

Find out by asking yourself the fellowing questions:

  • Do I often feel that my mind is in overdrive?
  • Would I love to experience more peace of mind?
  • Do I sometimes feel really disconnected?
  • Would I like to create more deep connections?
  • Do I often overanalyse my relationships?
  • Would I love to create more heart-centered relationships?

    If you answered "Yes" to one or more of these questions then you can definitely benefit from connecting with me! Read below what Raf and Aiden have experienced before you!

Read what Raf has to say:

Working with Glenn has changed my life! I was struggling with vulnerability and openness to others in my personal life with my wife and professional life with my colleagues and customers. Connecting on the soul level was always something I avoided because of fear of getting hurt and feel pain. Glenn has helped me to become the best version of myself through his powerful coaching! He will connect with you on a deep level, resolve your biggest pain and fears and help you to liberate yourself so you can live a free, authentic and meaningful life! I would recommend anyone who wants to increase the quality of his life to work with Glenn!

Raf Adams, Executive Coach & Author of The Suited Monk

Read what Aiden has to say:

I just wanna do a shoutout to Glenn Ost an amazing man and say how extremely grateful I am him taking the time out of his busy life to help me solve my problems, change my mindset and make me into a better loving and FEELING person. This is really new for me as the only feelings I used to have were self loathing, hate and selfishness. Now I have learnt to express and feel a lot more love in my life, which is really what life is all about. I also learned to love and to accept others with all their little quirks. Thank you so much Glenn, you have truly changed my life for the better and I cannot thank you enough!

Aiden Taylor, Entrepreneur

Who Am I To Help You?

Well, I am just a guy who went on a long, exciting and deep inner journey and discovered how to connect with his true self and activate his intrinsic goodness.
Since then I experience much more peace of mind, deep connections and heart intelligent relationships. Everyday I am happy and grateful for these profound experiences in my life!
Now I want to "pay it forward" by sharing my goodness & experiences with you so you can experience the same too! During our connection session I will create a warm and safe space where you feel FREE to discover more of you. I will be there for see you, to hear you and to hold you!

Talk to you soon!

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