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Want more energy?

Ready to install the fundamental lifestyle habits?

Be More Energised

Feel More Empowered

Enjoy Life More

Is this you?

Do you ever...

... feel tired and exhausted?

    Like you just want to lay on the couch and tap out?!

... feel frustrated in life and business?

    Like you are spinning wheels with not much to show for it?!

... feel really overwhelmed while striving to have it all?

    Like you just don't know where and how to start, not knowing what to do first?!

... feel alone, lacking of support and guidance on how to be able to handle all of this?

    Like you feel alone on this challenging journey and trying to figure it all out by yourself?!

... feel empty and trying to fill that void with achievements and external gratification?

    Like you keep hustling and grinding, trying to break your past achievement level in hope that you'll feel whole and complete?

I get you!

Look I know how you feel, I have felt the same way too, until I gathered all my experience and knowledge and forged it into a holistic framework and a powerful methodology that has turned my life and business around for the best.  

I understand how it feels to burn yourself out, trying to do it all by yourself, feeling very lonely on that journey , and wondering if you will ever figure it all out. To be honest that was me, not so long ago, around 2018-2019, sitting in my office ready to give up on my dreams when I finally decided to close the knowledge-action gap and really live my own methodology. 
Myself and other clients have felt tired, overwhelmed and frustrated, just like you , until we started using the
6 CORE Connections Framework and the 5-Step Empowerment Process!


In just a few years, I ditched all the disempowering habits and replaced them, one by one, with all the personal and professional habits that resulted in an enjoyable life and a thriving business.  These new habits are bringing me energy, empowerment and joy everyday and not just for a while but for life.   

Now, I’m here to help do the same and ditch those habits that don't serve you and your business, so you can stop struggling and finally create the personal and professional habits that will bring you an enjoyable life and a thriving business and impact! 

For over 17 years I've been helping entrepreneurs worldwide creating habits that energise and empower them so they can create enjoyable lives and impactful businesses that make this world a better and more loving place!

                                                            "Are you ready?"                                                                

Glenn combines his knowledge and own experience to guide you to the next breakthrough!  He perfectly blends being personal and being professional which makes him very easy to work with!  I feel much more energised and empowered!
~ Steven P. ~  Serial Entrepreneur & Music Producer

Your Success Plan

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During this call we'll discover what you truly want and uncover what has been holding you back!

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We will put together a customised plan that will show you the quickest way to your desired goal!

Experience Success!

Together we embark on your hero's journey, tackle any obstacle & celebrate your success!

My promise to you is ....

That I will help you as if my life would depend on it!  I will give myself fully in serving you and hold nothing back.  If we ever come to a tough challenge that I don't know how to overcome, I will either find a way or create one to help you break through that challenge!

Listen to what Raf Adams have to say

Want to experience what Raf is talking about?

Honestly, how long can you go on like this?

Think about how much your current habits and lifestyle choices are costing you and your business.  Is it worth it to continue down the same path?  You know it isn't! Get your energy back and build that thriving business and impact that you deserve!

Joy k.


Glenn, will absolutely help you

I feel empowered, energised and joyful.
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